Mission statement


Happy Flower Daycare Center (HFDC) is a developmental early childhood program that provides a rich learning environment
in which children can explore, interact and learn through the many facets of their play.
We aim to promote a loving, caring, safe and secure center at all times while nurturing growing children and provide
engaging, stimulating learning experiences.
It is our philosophy that children learn through playing, exploring their surroundings and interacting with
others- all within a structured environment. Happy Flower Daycare Center provides a safe, nurturing, loving and clean environment
to foster children’s development.

We are committed to showing and modeling respect to each child through a warm, encouraging, and caring attitude.
Our program is individualized to meet the needs of the children as they move through the center. The
the schedule allows for independent play, group play, social interaction, activity exploration, outside play, movement, and storytime.
Additionally, we help children understand math concepts, science, problem-solving. We also believe children learn best when
experiencing the arts, which is why we also focus on dance, arts, and crafts, drawing, painting, music, and singing.
It is our goal to help children develop positive self-esteem, a sense of trust, and respect for others. We want
to facilitate this by providing quality care, a foundation for future learning, and exceptional experience
while at HFDC. Parents are always welcomed. It is important that we work together as partners and that we
feel comfortable discussing your child’s needs. We look forward to a long and rewarding friendship with
your child and family.



We provide a Social Media App that notifies you about your children’s daily activity with daily photos.