Hello, welcome to Happy Flower Montessori, where your children will be loved beyond measure. My Name is Rozita, and I am the Director. For the past 16 years, I have been dedicated to educating and caring for children. My educational background includes degrees in Education, Nursing and Anesthetics. My Degree in education heavily focused on the planning and managing of Curriculums.  Furthermore, my educational background includes the study of psychology. This allows me to have a better understanding of childhood behavior, and the emotional needs of children in the early stages of their development. I, along with my educators, are Montessori certified. My Passion has, and will always be to watch children grow and blossom into the Beautiful Flowers that they are.


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The Staff

Happy Flower Proudly employs Montessori Certified Educators that Contribute to the Education and Development of your child. They are experienced, dedicated, and passionate about the well being and development of your children. Additionally, each educator is Certified by the state Child Health and Safety guidelines. The Safety of your child is our top priority, therefore we require that our educators pass a very rigorous background check before they are hired.