Infants (6 weeks to 12 months)

The most vulnerable and impressionable time for a child is during their infancy. At Imagine Nation, we provide a warm and caring environment in which infants can thrive, prosper and explore the world around them.

Our infantcare specialists are certified in First Aid and CPR and have received the state requirements for infant care as well as continued early development education to ensure only positive connections are made with your child. We realize how hard it can be to entrust the care of an infant with strangers and monitor all specialists extensively through background checks and onsite evaluation.

Your infant needs to connect with their immediate environment in a very deep and unspoken way. We teach sign language early on to develop communication skills before they can even speak. And because it’s important to encourage infants to engage with all their senses, our specialists take extra care in holding your child during feedings, rocking them gently at appropriate periods and playing soothing music and nursery rhymes throughout the day.

Each infant has their own personal crib, and is assured by plenty of love, encouragement and hugs throughout the course of their day. There’s a world of language around them, and we nourish their interaction with it through words, gestures and sounds.

We encourage you to freely ask questions and build relationships with your infant care specialist and our program director and provide you  with daily reports on feedings, diapering, and napping.

  • An individualized environment which focuses on trust and personal bonding
  • The introduction of sign language to facilitate early communication skills 
  • Daily activities to encourage physical development
  • Love, laughter, and smiles!

  • The introduction of our Creative Curriculum® program—the foundation for all classroom activities. Our interactive learning games successfully promote early childhood learning through play and intentional teaching moments through daily activities
  • Frog Street Curriculum, a child centered program that emphasizes all areas of development, including social and emotional skills and self-confidence building exercises
  • Montessori  Curriculum, a program that focuses on the individual learning needs of each child
  • Happy Flower special curriculum which encompases  many more educational values. 
  • Daily activities to encourage physical development
  • Indoor and outdoor Group play time
  • The same love and laughter they shared when they were babies!


Toddlers can be any number of things. But if there’s one thing they all have in common, it’s being active. So active, you can barely keep up with them.

But it’s not just physical activity toddlers need. It’s a mental activity, as well. At this age, the first stirrings of cognition they experienced as infants are now developing more acutely. They’ve learned to respond. React. And sometimes, even repeat what they’ve been taught.

This period in your toddler’s life is where they first develop a sense of self-awareness. It’s the midpoint between the absolute dependency of an infant and the burgeoning self-assertion of a preschooler. And it’s at this age our educators are trained to monitor your child more closely for any signs of hindrances to their development.

Our Explorers program builds upon your child’s existing knowledge and presents new challenges, including activities to help improve coordination, increase verbal skills and solve problems creatively. In addition, our classroom introduces children to dramatic play, arts and language development.

But this stage of your child’s life is still a critical one. They may be asserting themselves, but they still need encouragement and close monitoring. And parents need to know both the obstacles and progress their child has made. We’ll continue to provide you with daily reports on all the important steps they’ve made, as well as their individual needs. All our teachers are certified in First Aid & CPR and have received all necessary state requirements early development care, as well as continued education.

Toddler (18-36 months)

It’s hard to imagine how much children can grow in just 18 months! One minute, they need all the care and attention being the parent of a baby’s demands. The next they’re walking, talking—and occasionally? Driving you a little crazy.

At this age, it’s natural for a child to be fussy, stubborn and more than a little hard-headed. That’s why they need additional encouragement and activities to develop burgeoning social skills and tolerance. Our Discoverers program is designed to foster both their sense of self-esteem as well as patience and inclusivity. Because at this age, self-awareness needs to be tempered by mutual respect.

While our weekly lessons are planned in advance, there’s plenty of spontaneous activities at Imagine Nation. Our teaching methods are based on enthusiasm and personal focus, and we extend that same passion to your child’s growth. This allows our teachers to get to know each child’s strengths and weaknesses so they can personalize each lesson to be more inclusive and enjoyable for all our children.

We have an app that will update you with daily pictures and allow you to communicate with your child’s caregiver

  • Our Creative Curriculum program is the foundation for all our classroom activities and lesson plans. For toddlers, we’ve developed an intensive plan of interactive learning games that encourage early childhood education through play.
  • Personalized activities designed to boost self-certainty and confidence


Threes (38-48)

A three-year-old’s imagination is rivaled only by their impressionability. But it’s not just their minds and creativity that need activity. They need physical exercise as well. And our Creators program stresses the perfect balance of social skills, complex problem solving and physical activity in an atmosphere designed to stimulate as much as it’s designed to instruct.

We focus on the play not merely as physical exercise, however. We know that play promotes independence and decision-making skills. We view playtime as being both an emotional and physical activity. And with the right balance of creativity and imagination, your three-year-old will develop on much more balanced sense of self-esteem.

  • Our Creative Curriculum program for pre-Kindergarten uses exploration and discovery as a learning tool and is designed to encourage confidence, creativity, and problem-solving skills in your two-year-old. Social skills, math, problem-solving, art, and even technology are combined throughout each day to ensure a balance of nurturing, learning, curiosity and fun.
  • Our Montessori program focuses on the individual learning needs of each child, providing teachers to adequately meet the needs of each student and allow them to observe, assess and share in their learning.


If there’s one thing a pre-Kindergarten child knows, it’s how to be inventive. But they’re also at a transition point in their lives and need support and guidance to make the process seamless. And our Inventors program establishes a more structured approach to learning and playing, combining class instruction and group activities with supervised play to ensure they’ll be prepared for the challenges they’ll face in Kindergarten.

Our program helps four and five-year-olds develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for success in Kindergarten, in addition to more complex social skills, math skills, and language development. We’ve designed it to be immersive as possible, with plenty of hands-on activities in addition to our educational curricula and reviews.

Our teachers provide assessments and progress reports every three months to keep parents informed on their child’s development.

Before/After School program

The before and after school program accommodates families who need extended care for their child. Children enrolled in this program (7:00-8:30 am and/or 3:00-6:00 pm) may attend during the child care only days listed on the school calendar. During this time children get to do most of their socialization with free playtime opportunities in a safe environment. friendships and playmates are formed and integration among classrooms gives them broader opportunities to socialize. we also encourage and help them with their homework.

Summer Camp ( June, July, & August)

  • Happy Flower Montessori offers a  summer program inspired by kids. Our goal is to offer children a break from their daily routine but also to mix learning into summer fun. We accomplish this by offering a dynamic program that includes crafts, music, cooking, painting, organized games, and in-housing field trips while maintaining the Montessori philosophy at the core of all we do.

We have an easy come-and-go schedule, so you can enroll for one week or for the whole summer. Check out our theme to see what works best for you.


We welcome children from Montessori and non-Montessori backgrounds. Once you experience the Montessori and blended learning approach, you may want to look at our school year programs for the future.